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Entrepreneurs: Did you know that the right domain name is one of the key components for a successful business?

Choosing the right domain name can push you ahead of your competition.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Because you’re viewing this page right now, I think I know a little about you. You know that owning a business is in your future. You know that some part of your destiny will not be completed until you finally forget about your 9 to 5 job, strike out on your own and build your own successful empire and forget about what society says is the norm and that is a day job. There are so many reasons why you might want to jump ship and start your own business…

You probably are fed up with the job that you are in and just don’t see a future for personal and professional growth. Also, you probably don’t see room for high income or development. You know that you want to achieve a sense of contentment that working at a 9 to 5 will not provide nor motivate you.

You know you are tired of your rude, self-serving boss telling you when you can or can’t have a regular life of spending time with your family, going on your dream vacation or even scheduling a dentist appointment.

Maybe you are an arts and crafts type of person who needs to use their creative gifts to fulfill a longing for freedom that your crafting brings you.

You want to create an empire that you can pass on to your family.

You might want to free yourself from the threat of your uncertain career field and forget about the possible risk of being laid off, getting fired or having to take a pay cut because your boss doesn’t know how to manage the company.

Nevertheless, you’ve probably spent umpteen late nights researching, dreaming and planning your great escape so that you can create your own business. You’ve told so many people about the future that awaits you with your new business that your friends are exhausted hearing about your new endeavor.

But wait… you haven’t taken action for that great escape.

Becoming an entrepreneur Can Be a Scary Prospect!

You need to know that no matter how excited you are about owning your own business… it’s really overwhelming! You become almost static when you even contemplate moving from “fantasizing” about your new life as a business owner and taking the actual steps to go toward your fantasized reality.

Have you had any of these experiences:

You’ve ruminated over a business idea for some time now… but you have not been motivated toward getting your business idea from paper to reality!

You’ve attended webinars or read numerous books from Amazon about starting a business… only to be more confused than ever!

You’ve read about new businesses going out of business within the first year… and you’re unsure that your hard work and telling your boss that you quit could put you on the unemployment line making you just another statistic!

You think that your business idea might not fly anyway, and you don’t want to dump your entire savings into this idea before finding out if it will work anyway!

You’re concerned that your inexperience will put you at a huge disadvantage… and may ruin your financial life.

You wish that you could stop fantasizing and start using your brain to its fullest with your new business and secure your future.

So let's get down to business! The first thing that you should do is relax, relate and release the negative thoughts… and understand that other people are in the same boat of jumping ship and are ready to start their own business.

Don't stress out, other potential business owners have gone through the same worries of starting their business. Don’t you remember being taught during our earlier education years to be good employees… not independent entrepreneurs! This should make you feel a little better knowing that other potential entrepreneurs were taught the same thing and now they are feeling lost, tense and burnt as you are feeling right now.

Wow, that is enough stuff to mess with your head to squash any dreams of entrepreneurship and continue working that 9 to 5 boring, tired job.

WAIT!!! Back up a second before you throw in the towel and go back to BORING 9 to 5…

Your idea WILL NOT Crash and burn!

Think about it! Yes, some businesses do fail before the five-year mark, and some don’t even make it to 5 years.

But how does that relate to you?

You could be pessimistic and think that the odds are not in your favor. You could look at it this way: “I might get my idea off the ground, but it won’t work in the long run… and I’ll be the laughing stock at my High School or College reunion… or worse yet, my family… no myself.”

You know what? That’s how most people let that pessimistic attitude paralyze themselves!

This is how we never see that great IDEA from those creative, talented people like yourself! This is how we never see people jump ship and jump in the water, head first and get their feet wet even to TRY bringing their idea to fruition. There are so many potentially good ideas that will never come to fruition because those people have taken on a pessimistic mindset and convinced themselves that they would fail.


It’s pretty sad when you think about this. How many people could have benefited from those who stuck with their business idea? How many lives could have changed because of their business idea, if even a certain number of these potential entrepreneurs could have worked through their negative mindset?

For one second, let's change our Negative Nelly mindset and view this from an active Pollyannaish mindset:

Businesses do succeed if you change your thought patterns and from there you ride the wave to your  positive cash flow… providing high-demand services and products… changing lives five years after you started!

You see by taking on that Pollyannaish perspective you should have toned down your stress level a few notches.

Ok before you write off what I am saying as “head in the clouds, whoo whoo stuff, ” please note that I am not saying that “if you think it it will come” mentality makes all the difference. That mindset can’t hurt… but that alone will not make your business successful. Anyone that says that is definitely on Fantasy Island with Tattoo pointing at a plane. (That’s for you older ones)

I’m not saying this to make you feel like you are on a tropical island staring at the ocean. I’m saying this to you because there is a factor that separates those who succeed from those who crash and burn.

The simple reason why those who prosper and soar to new heights with their business idea it's because they decided upon success!

So as a potential future entrepreneur, wouldn’t it be worth your effort to know the difference between success and failure… so that your business will be part of those who succeeded before you?

That’s what I thought…

The Correct Domain Name is the Key to Your Home Run!

Red Arrow pointing down

As a business owner, having a good domain name is your greatest ally. Having the right domain name and type-in traffic gives you the one up that you have to have to prosper in your new business, instead of hoping to make it on your own and not consider that your business name plays an integral part in your success.

A domain name that brings in type-in traffic can help keep your savings in the bank and not make them go “poof” Or being stuck with miles of debt because of a business that failed.

  1. Cupcakes.Vegas: Can you bake the perfect Las Vegas cupcakes that everyone will love. Do you need a great one word domain name to start that perfect cupcake business?
  2. Headshots.Vegas Can you provide the highest quality professional portrait that specifically caters to your clients needs?
  3. Laptops.Vegas: Are you a retailer looking to increase traffic to your laptop website or do you want to starting an online laptop store? Logo
Headshots Logo
Laptops Logo

But the best part is that having the right domain name will help eliminate feelings of overwhelm… develop other ideas for your business… and once and for all take that jump into a prosperous, successful business.

Lets ponder this thought! Do you wonder if newbie business owners who have tasted success with their business do it “Willy-Nilly”

Yes, there are things that you have to figure out as you trudge along - be that as it may, you’ll be stuck in that state of “over-thinking” and never progress anywhere… but having a good domain name is one of the keys to getting started as a successful business owner.

Tell me this…

What if you had a domain name to approach your business with confidence… knowing that you have one of the best chances at success right in your web address bar?

You would feel Pollyannaish about your new venture, realizing that you took the proper step to secure a good domain name for your business even before it launches!

You would feel eased because you have a good business name that other companies never thought would have an impact on the success of their business!

You would feel protected with your business, knowing that you chose the right name that will bring in the traffic that you need to succeed and continue to attract tons of customers and repeat buyers!

You would feel powerful because you have a keyword domain name that you need to leverage the Internet to make your business grow at a good rate!

You would feel passionate about your life because you are setting yourself, family and friends up for prosperity from your business. Hey, you don’t have to rely on that fuddy-duddy boss to hold the keys to your paycheck any longer!!

So would this kind of control change your outlook on your potential business… and your life?

I’m sure that it would change things for the better!

Numerous People - Exactly like YOU - Have gone from Fantasy Land to Reality World with their Business Venture!

My name is William Cuva. I’m not going to bore you with how I went from living on the streets to owning a successful Cleaning Business and driving a Lamborghini all over town.

I’m sorry! I do apologize, but if that is what you are looking for - it isn’t true.

Rather, I am a successful Barber Shop owner. I have many accolades from our city Mayor and have been recognized for being one of the few business in Las Vegas that has stayed in business 30 plus years.

I’ve been the Barber to many influential business people in Las Vegas, and I have learned so much from my customers.

I’m not telling you this to show how great I am. No one is perfect! I’ve made many mistakes. I’m telling this to you because starting a business is a major step in creating the life of your dreams. Having the right domain name for your success is important.

It feels good to be well respected in my community, but that is not what drives me. The real excitement comes from helping others achieve their dreams through my domain names.

Believe me; I know that starting a business is time-consuming. And if you are searching for information to set up your business for success it is a long process that is tiring. It’s like a dog chasing his tail around in circles and going nowhere!

I’m sure that many entrepreneurs before and after you almost decided to give up due to their frustrations of running around in circles and going nowhere. They couldn’t find the one piece of that jigsaw puzzle to complete the puzzle to start their business with a solid foundation.

So I made a promise to buy domain names, specifically DOT Vegas domains in every category to lease or sale to those in need of keyword domain names to help put their business on the right track with tons of Internet traffic that these names are bringing in at this time.

A domain name is a name that you type in your address bar to access a website. Having the right name for your brand is crucial. Even if you come up with an off the wall name such as you still need to make sure that you have Internet traffic coming from this source for your brand to take off.

".Vegas" is that part of the web address that comes after the right of the dot. .Com, .Net, .Org and now .Vegas.

.Vegas is part of the new gTLD's (generic top level domains) that was approved by ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) As you may know, we have “.com” “.org” “.net” and others that are the old hats that you use when you type in a domain name in your web address. .Vegas and many other new gTLD's were approved by ICANN. So .Vegas is the only TLD that was approved for the West Coast.

I want entrepreneurs to have a fair shot at their dreams, and that means traffic to their website. You need consumers to succeed at your venture. So with my domain names, it’s my goal to bring that traffic to you.

It wasn’t an inexpensive task to buy these names. I put a lot of time, nights and weekends to making sure that I purchased these domains to help you grow your business that already has type-in traffic from the Internet.

Type-in traffic is when someone who is looking for a product or service decides to bypass the search engine by typing the keyword of the product or service they want directly into their browser.

As a result of these domain purchases, I have enough names in my portfolio to help those seeking keyword domain names for their website.

And that’s what you can have today!

If you are fed up with waiting for “the right name” to start your business... and YOU want a name that will bring direct type-in traffic for your success… You NEED to Get Your Hands on my domains!

Bachelorette Party Packages Logo

Do you offer incredible Bachelorette Party Packages?

Cool Math Games Logo

Do you have a huge collection of Cool Math Games to offer?

Felony Attorney Logo

Are you a reputable Attorney that your clients can trust?

Vegas Domainer is a resource for domain names that are specific for the Las Vegas region to help business owners grow their business with keyword rich domain names.

Because I have researched these names and know the traffic that these names bring in I know that having a keyword name is helpful in bringing in type-in traffic for your business. This critical task might not seem number one on your list when planning and launching your business… but having a keyword rich name at your disposal can make the difference between great success and failure down the road.

With Vegas Domainer you have a chance at taking a domain name and using it as your primary name or redirecting the name to your branded name and watch the extra type-in traffic flow to your business.

You may have been told that your name has nothing to do with the success of your business… do you know that for sure? Your marketing team may not want anything to do with the new gTLD's, but how do you know that your next level of success is correlated with owning a .Vegas name? One mistake can cost you your financial future!

Here is what you will understand when you own a .Vegas name

You’ll know that owning a .Vegas from Vegas Domainer can help drive your brand into every home and every computer in the world that has Internet access 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

You’ll understand that owning a piece of .Vegas is powerful, real and inescapable.

You’ll understand that you can’t buy this type of outreach with any amount of money.

You’ll understand that Las Vegas is one of the most recognized brands throughout the world and with that recognition .Vegas will extend to people of all walks of life.

You’ll understand that Las Vegas is interchangeable with cutting edge, adventure, action, energy, success and wealth.

You’ll understand that owning a .Vegas domain name is like owning a piece of Vegas itself!

With all of this, you will understand that you will own your own piece of Las Vegas through .Vegas. The city that never sleeps. If you are in the early planning stages of your venture, you’ve already missed the .com rush… this is your chance to grab a .Vegas name from Vegas Domainer and not miss that boat again.

So What Makes Vegas Domainer Different from Anything You’ve Seen?

There are more than enough TLD's that will bring success to your business… but which one is specific to your location that will bring in instant traffic that you need to get your business in front of prying eyes? That is owning a domain from Vegas Domainer that will do the job for you. The hundreds of hours that you would spend combing through .com names for branding purposes is time that you could use on other aspects of your business.

Owing a .Vegas name is Internet Real Estate, and you are associating your brand with a city that is well known across the planet. Millions of visitors visit Las Vegas for the fun and excitement. Why wouldn’t you want your business associated with the city that never sleeps?

.Com (Commercial) is so generic and can mean anything to anyone. With .Vegas you instantly grab the attention of customers because they are thinking Las Vegas… and if they are thinking Las Vegas you immediately grab their attention with a .Vegas name. You can’t grab attention like this anywhere else at the cost that you will pay for the name today.

What can Vegas Domainer do for your brand?

You’ll get a short and memorable keyword domain that works for your brand

Match your domain to your location(Las Vegas)

Set your brand apart from your competitors

Increase visibility online and attract more visitors to your site

Help verify your online identity and build customer trust

Compliment your existing domains with a modern alternative

By owning a .Vegas keyword domain it will explain to your customer your industry(i.e. Laptops.Vegas, Cupcakes.Vegas)

Owning a .Vegas name improves your chances to register domains that are shorter, more search-relevant and more self-descriptive.

With that in mind, Google gives more importance to geographical nearness to the user. Also, Google gives preference to search results.

By aligning your brand with .Vegas you are tapping into the flavor of Las Vegas to represent and market your business online.

.Vegas is a state of mind. The city of Las Vegas evokes strong emotions. Anyone from around the world can portray the Vegas mindset by owning a .Vegas for their website.

Compliment your existing domains with a modern alternative

Own a .Vegas domain name through Vegas Domainer today!

I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to associate your name with .Vegas and own a piece of Vegas through the Internet?

Don't fall behind the marketing trends. Can you imagine your business falling behind the starting line, while your competitors are staying on top of the game by investing in a .Vegas name and their audience responding to their creative strategy?

You have the talent, drive, creativity and the great business idea to own your own business. So you owe it to yourself to own the best name that will support decades of sales and profits by visitors visiting your site. Own a .Vegas domain name today and find out what having the right extension will do for your income and your peace of mind.

If you are ready to purchase a .Vegas domain, please visit my Domain MarketPlace Vegas Domains.Vegas to purchase your  .Vegas domain. 

But, you need to act today, because these names won’t be around for too long!

P.S.: You could spend more on advertisement and keep running around in circles… wouldn’t you want to invest in a .Vegas name knowing that you are aligning yourself with a city that is memorable and known across the planet? Try a domain from Vegas Domainer today!

P.P.S.: I know that these are great domain names. I can’t keep them all under my belt because they will get bought sooner rather than later!  Unless you’re into being indecisive, you need to get your hands on these domains today!