Domain Escrow Process

Domain Name Escrow Process

Have You Heard? Domain Escrow Is Your Best Bet to Protect Your Domain Transaction

Domain Escrow is a financial agreement where an escrow service company takes possession of the domain and controls payment from the buyer.  Legit Escrow companies are licensed and regulated.  The escrow company helps by making the domain transaction safe and secure with all funds put in an escrow account.  The funds are released to the seller when both buyer and seller have met all terms of the arrangement.  

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What is a domain name: This is what I know!

What is a Domain

A domain name is a name that you type in your web address bar that takes you to a page or website on the Internet highway.  In this post, I will discuss a little bit about what a domain is, how they work and how to register a domain name

Can you imagine having to remember to find that website that sells those hiking boots that you have been interested in buying?  

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What Is Domain Parking from a Newbies Perspective?

Domain Parking

Domain parking is a great choice for your unused domains that are sitting around twiddling their thumbs!

Domaining is a fun business. It takes a fair amount of time to learn the ins and outs of having a successful domaining business. Owning a domain is similar to owning real estate. You buy the property when it is still cheap and developing. Then you sell it when the property becomes more attractive and scarce. But in the meantime, you can rent out your property by parking your domains.

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What Is Domaining from a Newbies Perspective?

Business Model Graph

Domaining is a serious multi-million dollar industry. Organizations have been set up solely to buy, sell, park and lease domain names and they make a nice chunk of change doing it.  Be that as it may, domain monetization success is not limited to the businesses with constant cash flow.  You, as an investor, can also make a nice chunk of this change simply by knowing some fundamental techniques.  

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Effective Ways to Transform Your Job Search

How is your Las Vegas job search going for you? According to Department of Numbers, Las Vegas unemployment rate as of February 2017 was 5.1%.  Ok, that sounds great! But with the low unemployment rate does that mean that you’ll instantly find the job of your dreams?  Maybe, maybe not?  It all depends on what you are looking for and your skill level and what the prospective employer is looking for in an employee?

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